Sue Kibby

My work explores the tradition of “make do and mend”.    I studied needlework at school to A’level and since then I have always made things from pre-used materials.

After a career in human resource management in utilities and then schools, colleges and universities I trained in Textile Art at Morley College. I am grounded in the basic practicalities and necessities of life and believe that people feel better if they know how to make something beautiful.  We waste materials all of the time and often lack the skills and time to turn those unwanted remains of our busy lives into art.

I love the conceptual work of leading collage artist, Schwitters. I like handmade patchwork, creative knitting and screen printed images and patterns. I have been experimenting with knitting plastic waste for almost 10 years.

My inspiration is my concern for the natural environment and my interest in the history of how people have made the things they need. I have lead workshops to pass on new and traditional upcycling ideas to others.

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