About Carousel Textile Artists

Carousel is a group of artists and designer-makers living and working in the UK and exhibiting together frequently.

We enjoy meeting regularly to share ideas and expertise, and to work towards our next exhibition. We often organise group visits to seek inspiration and to broaden our understanding of our textile practice.

We also offer education through workshops and talks.

For more information on our members go to Artists.

Membership: We are inviting applications for membership this year, with a closing date of 1st September. Initial selection is by CV accompanied by at least five but not more than 10 images of recent or current work. These should be sent to pbagnpg@pnebhfrygrkgvyrneg.bet.hx

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their textile skills, exhibition potential or experience, commitment to textiles in the wider context of the art, and their ability to contribute to the organisation of the group. They will then be invited to join us for an informal workshop at a Central London venue so that we can assess whether or not we are right for each other. We will make this as friendly as possible and stress that it is a two-way process. The selection process will be completed on or before 14th November.

We are a London based group, and it is important for us that we meet in person regularly. We understand that not everyone can attend all meetings and activities, but potential members must be willing to travel to meetings at various venues in London.

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