Sarah McAlister

I am a mixed media textile artist and my experience includes millinery, weaving, spinning, dying, knitting, sewing (hand and machine), lacemaking, lino, screen and block printing.

At the moment, my art explores the concept of place and suburban cultural heritage.  I am keen to look at the impact that obsolescence has on our surroundings and how dereliction and infrastructure improvements affects many aspects of our lives and our community.

My ethos as a textile artist is to recycle, re-use and re-purpose existing resources.  Many of my pieces are made entirely from found objects and repurposed fabrics.

I love to experiment with the use of natural, un-dyed or found materials and objects and use locally sourced natural materials wherever possible.  I continue to learn new traditional hand-making techniques from around the world.

A lot of my art is in response to the materials available or to places and events.

As a result, the art I produce evolves with these variables as time passes.


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