Ruth Darby







Coming to textiles through a love of dress-making, led me initially to investigate its sculptural and 3D possibilities and my interest in paper as a textile medium also fed into this consideration of form. In addition the invitingly tactile nature of the materials available including plastics, wire and metal, encouraged experiments in contrasting textures.

More recently I have turned to stitch, especially hand stitch, as a means of examining and responding to issues of importance to me. The slower pace of hand stitch seems to encourage work of a more personal nature and on a more intimate scale. I have found its therapeutic qualities of great value particularly as life locked down in the Covid pandemic.

The natural world provides endless inspiration for my work, often plant forms, trees or water, which is perhaps a reaction to, as well as an escape from my urban existence. Usually these inspirations are abstracted and represented obliquely but on occasion a tree really becomes a tree which is how the final project of my textile foundation course grew from a recovered willow tree stump into  two metres of knitted wire, paper and ceramic willow pattern designed tree!


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