Rosaline Darby


I have been a textile practitioner on one level or another for my whole life and it is firmly part of my identity. I grew up in a family where, if one wanted or needed something, the first thought would be “how can I make this?” My female relatives were all skilled needlewomen and I learned confidence in using woodworking and DIY tools, as well as to experiment and just have a go, from my scientist father.

My practice relies on my personal visual library of imagery, mostly from the natural world, which I use as metaphors to express ideas and concepts. I use it as a way to resolve some of the thoughts, emotions and reactions to events that are constantly circulating in my head. I like to work with fabric and threads that I have dyed myself to suit my purpose. Some form of collaging together, or piecing of materials usually features in my work, as does screen printing and lino printing, although I also enjoy experimenting with new techniques. My work also often features drawing both with a sewing machine and with hand stitch.

Starting with drawings and jottings in a sketchbook, I play around with these until I find the approach that best seems to suit my original idea. Through a process of sampling and recording I eventually arrive at a final design that I am confident of being able to execute. I also enjoy developing the designs that result from this process into handmade accessories such as silk scarves and brooches.

I am also a member of The Society for Embroidered Work and of Phoenix Contemporary Textiles Group

Contact me at ebfnyvar.qneol@tznvy.pbz 

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