Marilyn Williams

My background as an Art Teacher enabled me to work closely with the Textile and Design Technology Departments, developing projects together, resulting in an interest in a wide range of skills and materials.This led to a years secondment in D.T.

My obsession with textiles began in earnest on my retirement from teaching, attending short courses initially and then the Textile Foundation course at Morley College.

Since then I have attended various courses including the Advanced course at Morley and City Lit. colleges.

I have a special interest in developing my own drawings and photographs, using many techniques, especially various printing methods with hand and machine embellishment.

I have displayed my work at various venues and galleries, including

Morley Gallery
Barbican Library Gallery
Brixton East
W.A.C. Gallery-Waterloo
City Lit College

Outside venues, including woods and seashore!

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