Julieta Gimpel

I studied fine art in my native country Colombia, later moved to Paris to study set design and ended up printmaking at William Hayter’s Atelier 17. I then took a MA in printmaking in London. For two decades I exhibited my paintings, drawings and prints at the October Gallery in London and abroad.

I was invited to represent my country at Notting Hill Carnival; I loved the idea of working with dancers, choreographers, actors and musicians.

In 2003 we founded a small arts company, Mandinga Arts, with my husband who is also an artist. I design and create costumes, puppets, floats and props for carnival, circus and street theatre. Many of the costumes are made using mixed media, dyed silk, lycras etc.

I studied millinery for many years with Jane Smith and Advanced Textiles with Alex Mayer at Morley College, this has informed the way I combine traditional techniques and materials with the contemporary ones, i.e. foils, discharge, using heat press, vacuum forming and flocking technology.  This love for textiles allows me to create and fantasise endlessly with colours, shapes and textures.

On retiring I shall concentrate only on textiles, my biggest passion!



020 8674 9055



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