Anna White

A lifelong maker, across a variety of media, I always returned to thread, yarn, and fabric. Following careers in travel and tourism and later piano teaching, I started more formal textile art studies at Morley College, which introduced me to techniques I had never used before. I continue to study at Morley and CityLit primarily whilst developing my own practice.

I love the sheer materiality of textile work, developing sketched ideas through sampling and then executing them through any combination of manipulating, dyeing, constructing, weaving, and stitching. I use a wide variety of materials, preferably natural, repurposing or using up remnants where I can. I am currently exploring 3D sculptural work inspired by magnified seed imagery, as well as experimenting with incorporating paper as a textile medium in my work, whose fragility I feel chimes with current themes of life in a fragile ecosystem. In woven tapestry I create textured relief surfaces, responding to materials and playing with colour contrast. I enjoy abstract work, although my inspiration is also taken from organic patterns and forms found in nature.

I have exhibited at Kew Art Studios and the Morley Gallery.

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