Jackie O’Malley

I have always sewn and I was fortunate to have an inspirational dressmaking teacher at school who was studying embroidery and brought her samples in to show us. I decided then that I too would one day do a City and Guilds qualification in embroidery. It took about 30 years, a career as a lawyer, a family (who had as many handmade things as I could manage) but I did it and then discovered dyeing and printing textiles.

This led me to the Textiles Foundation at Morley and onto the Advanced Workshop – and many friends who share my love of all things fabric.  I also hold City & Guilds qualifications in Creative Embroidery and in Textiles; I am a member of Embroiderers’ Guild and a member of an embroidery group, Breakaway.

I am inspired by textures and patterns around me, using nature, text, land forms and buildings which I manipulate and use to print and embroider. I use many different textile techniques to create colour and texture in my work. I have recently extended my practice to natural dyeing using plants from my garden and kitchen and foraged locally, and have been doing more hand embroidery.  I like to explore 3D fabric sculpture and dress forms.


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